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Kristian’s 2019 manifesto: The year of your compelling future

Here’s something you didn’t know. I used to be the world champ when it came to setting New Year’s resolutions. I say “world champ,” but what I really mean is failing miserably a few weeks later. However, after hundreds of failed attempts, I decided that this “strategy” probably wasn’t the best type of accomplishment to […]

Here are 22 books I recommend for any ambitious executive

I have a confession to make… I’ve become the embodiment of a massive book nerd. I went from never reading a single book to reading 50+ books every single year. And it’s not just me. Some of the world’s top CEOs and executives read 4-5 books per month. So today, I thought it would be […]


The New Persona Strategy: Engineering your new persona to create massive impact

Today, I would like to introduce to you a concept I call “The New Persona Strategy.” Your current persona is who you are right now. It’s what you believe, what you focus on, how you think. It’s everything that makes you… you. Your current persona is also the different skills you have right now. It’s […]

What the world’s funniest joke will teach you about communication

Are you ready to laugh your ass off? A couple of hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He’s not breathing, and his eyes have rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his mobile phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: […]

How to win over a negative team

If you’ve ever had to hire somebody or manage a team, you know it can be one of the biggest causes of misery in your ENTIRE business existence. You have all the best intentions, you try new things, implement new ideas, but it can still feel like an uphill battle to keep people motivated. The […]

Waiting to feel motivated? Don’t.

Have you ever heard someone say: “I just need to FEEL more motivated, then I’ll get started”? Honestly, I think most people want to feel more motivated. But the truth is, if you’re waiting for this sudden spark of motivation, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, the real way to become motivated has nothing […]

How top performers effortlessly bounce back from failure

A few of weeks back, I heard a great story about a psychology professor. He gave all his students a piece of paper, with a black dot in the middle. He said, “I want you to write about what you see here for the next hour.” Once his students were finished writing, he took all […]