Two years ago, I was responsible for arranging a bachelor party for my best friend, who’s extremely afraid of heights.

So, as the great friend that I am, I obviously planned an activity that took place 160+ feet up in the air.

Specifically, an obstacle course suspended 164 feet up in the air.

And there’s actually an excellent leadership lesson (and life lesson in general) hidden in this experience.

Here’s what happened:

The first two to three obstacle courses we had to go through were, in hindsight, relatively simple. But, because we were suspended 160+ feet up in the air and looking down on the solid concrete floor and different shipping containers below us, just getting to the opposite side was a little harder than it normally would.

Anyway, at one point, I decided to try and overcome my innate fear.

So I started to lean out into my harness without holding on to anything.

Simply to overcome my fear.

And, it’s funny, after I did that, the rest of the obstacle course started to become relatively simple. Where some of the other guys were struggling to keep going because they didn’t want to let go of their ropes, I could pretty easily go through the different challenges because I didn’t have a problem with letting go.

Which brings me to the lesson I want to share with you:

In general, we only have two types of fears as an adult:

1) The fear we won’t be enough

2) The fear we won’t be loved

In this case of the obstacle course, the fear of not being enough was going through our nervous system. Why? Because, what if we didn’t have the physical or mental strength to complete the circuit.

But, since I decided to face my fear head-on and see for myself that I actually had everything I needed to complete the circuit, that fear more or less evaporated.

My point?

Everything in life is time and repetition.

If you want to lose weight, you need time and repetition to do the right things like training regularly and eating healthy 80% of the time. You don’t lose weight just because you’ve eaten one healthy meal or done one training session.

If you want more clients in your business, you need time and repetition to find those clients and show them how you’re their best possible option to solve whatever problem your business solves.

If you want to inspire and become a better leader, you need time and repetition to work on your leadership skills.

Moral of the story?

Whatever your goal is in life, business, or relationship, you need to master your inner psychology.

The best part?

In my book, The TRUST Method, you get a simple, step-by-step plan that shows you actually how to do this. Plus, how to inspire anyone to take action…how to be more efficient…subtle leadership mistakes you MUST avoid…and much, much more.

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Kristian Thaulow