A couple of weeks ago, I read a quote I hadn’t seen in a while.

And, there’s a great similarity between this quote and any type of success you’re hoping to achieve — whether in your business, personal relationship, personal goals, etc.

Here’s the quote:

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can!” – Ratan Tata

Think about it:

Your success as a leader, or a manager, ultimately comes down to one thing:

Your ability to control your inner psychology. Your mindset, depending on which term you prefer.

It’s all about mental mastery.

Question is… how do you achieve this “mental mastery”?

How do you build an unbreakable inner psychology and mental strength that will help you push through every challenge and setback you face?

Let me explain:

Imagine you’re put in an extremely stressful life-threatening situation. You’ve never had any training. You’re not at all prepared. And you have absolutely no clue about what to do.

How do you think your body is going to react?

You’re probably panting, sweating, and you’re nervous.

Now, let’s use that same example. But instead of never having done any type of training, you’ve trained for this exact situation hundreds, maybe thousands of times in the past.

How do you think you’re going to react in this scenario?

Calm. Collected. Focused. It’s knowing what to do. You are getting the job done and not being swept away by fear. It’s still a dangerous situation, but since you’ve done the work up-front, you know that you’re able to solve this problem.

And not only that, you’re focused on controlling the things that are actually within your sphere of control.

Again, the difference lies in the preparation and the mindset of focusing on what you’re able to control.

And it’s this difference in preparation and mindset that separates the best of the best from the mediocre leaders.

Your inner psychology truly is the bottleneck of all your results and success in every area of your life.

The bottom line?

The bottleneck of any business is the mental mastery of its leader.

You’re welcome to disagree (it isn’t against the law to be wrong).

Which brings me to the rub of all this:

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Kristian Thaulow